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This website is dedicated to two adventurers (one human and one canine), who passed away within two days of each other in December 2019.

My mother, Heather,  was a caring and dedicated mother to her five children, and to many others who recognised and loved her as their mother.  Mom was a person of courage and conviction, who pushed past bureaucratic boundaries to fight for the interests of people she saw as having been unfairly disadvantaged.  Her boldness of spirit in the face of adversity, together with an insatiable curiosity, were qualities of a true adventurer.  She also loved to travel and to walk – though sadly, her mobility became increasingly impaired in her later years.

The other adventurer to whom I dedicate this website is my former strolling companion, Zippy.  For Zippy, every walk in the neighbourhood was an adventure.  Zippy found endless interest and excitement wherever we walked in suburbia.  She showed me that if you keep your nose to the ground, you will uncover treasures in the most unlikely of spaces.  She showed me that suburbs are teeming with fascinating and friendly individuals, who will happily engage with you if you have the courage to introduce yourself.  (She also demonstrated the pleasures of peeing on every street corner – although I have refrained from putting this learning into practice).

On 4 December 2019, my mom died – and two days later, so did Zippy.  Their adventurous spirits live on, though – and I hope will find expression in due course in this blog site.

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