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On Saturday 29 February, I participated in the annual Pride March in Cape Town.  This year’s motto was “True To You: Be Who You Are”.  It was a beautiful and festive occasion, full of colour, celebration and happiness.  It was a welcoming space regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race or religion.  If ever Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s dream of a Rainbow Nation found expression, it was at this march.

The only shame of the day was a bigot armed with a loudspeaker.  In the midst of a beautiful celebration of love, humanity and mutual respect, this individual took it upon himself to spew hatred through a loudspeaker, in the name of God and Christianity.  Somehow, he found it appropriate to spread his gospel of hatred among those of us taking pride in the diversity of the creation of humankind.

Fortunately, as will always be the case, love triumphed over hatred as even his loudspeaker was drowned in the sounds of music and dance and laughter of the day.  To this individual and others infected by the virus of hatred, do humanity a favour…rather stay home and quarantine your bigotry.

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