Hi, I’m Stephen, aka the Suburban Stroller.

I am a restless soul.

Amongst other things, I like writing and walking. I also like new adventures. I’m lucky to have had many.

Adventures aren’t only found in distant and exotic places. They can be found wherever we are… even in the suburbs!

This blog is about finding those adventures while strolling through the suburbs of Cape Town.

And it is about my encounters with other adventurers along the way – whose stories may inspire and amuse.

Unfortunately, not everything in the suburbs smells like roses.

As much as there are adventures in the suburbs, there are also misadventures.

This blog is equally about those misadventures, and the broader issues they raise about South African society.

Interspersed among the blogs, you will also find some of my short stories – to amuse, entertain and hopefully, on occasion, outrage.

Please use the opportunities on the site to add comments, to rant, and to share your own adventures.

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